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My Experience #CameraAsBrush 

Photography began as a hobby for me. I would go out into the street and capture what I saw, and it was all very raw and direct. Quite quickly, I fell totally in love with the art form, but within a few years, the COVID-19 pandemic came crashing down on all of us. Suddenly, street photography became much more difficult. No one was out and about enjoying life in public; instead, it was all very secretive and covert.

So, I began experimenting with my cameras to try to push the boundaries of how I could express a deeper reality through different processes and techniques. I created series using these different processes and hashtags #Illusion, #CrossingBoundaries, and #SavingFace. However, as I looked over this work again and again, something kept jumping out at me – these works were like paintings, in that they used layers and blends colours both directly and indirectly.

That's when I came up with

Do you have a unique way of creating works? Would you like to share your unique process with me and other like-minded artists? Begin contributing to #CameraAsBrush, and let’s learn from one another!

I’m excited to see where this new journey takes us.
‘Leave behind everything you have ever known about art and embark on a journey of reflection and self-discovery, where limits and boundaries fade away’ - BRYCE Watanasoponwong

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Unlock Your Imagination with BRYCE Watanasoponwong

Explore the unique world of BRYCE Art. Experience the limitlessness of artistic expression with experimental photography-based art and storytelling.
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