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Experimenter, photographer and visual storyteller


As a photographer, my passion lies in experimenting with art photography, street photography and storytelling.  Through colours and visual stories, I want to create meaningful connections between people and their journey towards mental health and well-being. Photography has enabled me to foster vulnerability within myself, while gaining insight into the world around me.
My unique approach started with cameras, which followed experimentation with various photographic processes, techniques and formats, such as small and large prints, two-dimensional installations, photo books and projected images. Through my work, I aim to explore the power of experimentation in storytelling using photography.

Living in Australia and Thailand has had a profound impact on my work. Being exposed to two distinct societies cultivated a deeper sense of awareness and understanding of mental health-related issues, which are all evident in my creations.

Although it all started with photography, I do not conclude any rules as a venue for self-expression, and I constantly push boundaries on what I can create.
 A must-read:  My Story So Far
A must-read: My Story So Far
BRYCE ART Space | Room 317 3rd Floor AIR Zone, River City Bangkok, Thailand | +66(0) 878 235010 |

BRYCE-Art | Discover Unparalleled Creativity

Experience the Boundless Possibilities of Art with BRYCE Watanasoponwong - The Experimenter with his Experimental Photography-Based Art and Storytelling.
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