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My Story - So Far 

I have spent many years developing my own unique and distinctive approach to capturing the still image of people from all walks of life, diverse cultures and landscapes.

I have always enjoyed seeing the world through a photographic lens. I was moved by the way in which special moments could be captured in wedding photographs and portrait photography. These precious images allow people to hold on to an experience of happiness, cementing their memories of the milestones in their lives.

But I initially set out on a very different path. I studied at universities in Thailand and Australia, obtaining degrees in accounting, information and business administration.

It took some pivotal life changes to open me up to the possibility of exploring my interest in photography. In 2010 I was made redundant from my job as a result of the global financial crisis. Soon after, a traumatic relationship breakdown left me reeling. Desperate to get away, I decided to join my parents on a trip to Taiwan. This turned out to be a momentous decision as it was on arrival at Taiwan International Airport that I purchased my first camera, a Leica D'LUX 5. Away from all my problems, I could lose myself in my new hobby and begin to explore my craft. Taking pictures on local streets, I found I was developing a keen eye for aesthetics. Gradually, I began to embody the creative spirit of a photographer.

I was blessed to receive my first major photography role working with a close friend, Michael Zanetti. Already quite established in his photographer career, Michael was an award-winning wedding photographer based in Sydney. Working alongside him, I had the first taste of my dream career. But, on my return to Thailand, reality began to set in as I realised my main opportunities at that time lay in real estate and hospitality. My dream would have to wait a little longer.

With my heart forced out of the frame, I put my camera down to focus on building a name for myself in the corporate realm. But I desperately missed being behind my camera. I yearned to be in the surrounding streets, seeking out the still shots and vibrant stories that took pictures beyond development.

Always maintaining my creative mindset, I soon realised that my passion needed to be fully explored in order to feel truly fulfilled. Armed with my love of life, with bright eyes and a wide lens, I pursued my love of photography with raw materials of light and time. I developed a particular interest in photojournalism, which sparked the beginning of my career in photography.

In capturing an image, a frame of reality is shared forever.

Rediscovering my passion for street photography also allowed me to rediscover myself in the process. As an observer, I find my focus is drawn to the obscure elements of a scene that bring it to life. Pinpointing these elements in a photo transcends the meaning of every scene I capture. Approaching street photography in this way opened up a whole new world to me, presenting me with a trajectory for growth far beyond my expectations.

During this deep into street photography, I began to take an interest in abstract art photography. So I shifted my lens to focus on the new ideas this brought to mind.

As I moved through the streets with my camera, I aimed my lens at fleeting moments of beauty, quirkiness, mystery, and humour. Deep, saturated, vibrant colour, natural light, neon light, shadow and interesting patterns, and textures. I found that focusing on the abstract elements of these images appealed to me. To look at an image and not fully understand what it is you are looking at opens the mind to new possibility and ways of seeing things.

Although I had solidified my identity in the world of photography, I did not want to limit myself to one medium of expression. So I continued to experiment with different ideas and techniques. This led me to my first exhibition at ILFORD Galerie Bangkok in February of 2019. Soon after my exhibit debut, I made the first US sale of my work and chose to donate the proceeds to The Association Community Employment Programs for the Homeless (ACE), a charity devoted to empowering the homeless and improving communities.

As my photography career advances, I continue to work with a mission of evoking emotion and making a personal impact. It is my hope that others will benefit from the story behind each project. Becoming more involved in how art is perceived, I strive to cultivate a shift towards wellness.

In my latest project, Illusion, my inspiration stems from a focus on well-being and the ability to cope in difficult times. As the world begins to heal from the treacherous year it has experienced, my photography series questions the state of reality and how to alter versions of the truth.

To be continued...
To be continued
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