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New Talents in Street Photography from Thailand You Should be Following on Instagram
bryce watanasoponwong
Mar 21, 2021
Location: Thailand
The power of technology makes it is easier than ever to discover truly inspiring new talent. With everyone online, you can make connections and see portfolios with just the push of a button. People worldwide are doing an incredible job of showcasing their work to be viewed and inspire. Especially in Thailand, many passionate photographers capture their images in impactful ways; thankfully, they are accessible through Instagram. Give them a follow and witness their latest work.

Nukul Leekanchana | @studioinu 

Nukul, a small business owner, began his photography in 2017; since then, it has been an imaginative game of discovery. Nukul uses the thrill of the unexpected to his advantage when curating his collection. You will be captivated with uniques images that can transcend you into his imaginary world.

Sittichai Maikupandin | @sitti 

Sittichai is a multitalented artist who elevates a story through the art of street photography. His composition and visual style are unique elements that can be viewed throughout his images. You can almost hear the stories being told from those in his top-quality pictures.

Charnkurt Yao | @charnkurtyao 

Since 2012, Charnkurt has curated many transcendent, breathtaking moments for those who come across his incredible account. Chankurt's journey spans across different locations; you will see his work in the oil fields of Basra, Iraq, as well as his daily travels. Chankurt considers photography a therapeutic form of discovery to help him understand his inner voice.

Thanakorn Treratanaboot | @pingrider_street 

With images prompting questions, Thanakorn became intrigued and began pursuing photography while completing his medical degree. What began as a stress reliever for long days of studying has now taken on a form of its own. With multiple layers of intricate storytelling, his images branch out of the ordinary and come to life on his Instagram page. Without plans to slow down, Thanakorn continues to make waves in the field and showcase his passion for photography.

Phuttiseth Chaipuwarat | @armyzdiary 

As a former legal advisor in Bangkok, Phuttiseth pays tribute to his homeland of Lopburi through street photography. Working as his own boss at his photography studio in Lopburi, Phuttiseth curates photographic work that captures all types of moments in people's lives in his home town.

Audsadang Satsadee | @james_audsadang 

James possesses a deep passion for street photography from what began as something to occupy his spare time. Inspired by different photographers, he works with different scenes to capture unique images that prompt your reality. As he continues on his journey, he enjoys creating a world through pictures and sharing them online.

Krit Wutiworrapoj | @bearhug688 

Whether he’s capturing the smiles of his adoring family or telling a story about strangers, Krit’s photography provides incredible joy. With beautiful colours and incredible effects, Krit’s craft allows for imagination to roam and see how fantastic the world is through his lens.

Thanapum Yoon | @thanapum_toon 

With hundreds of images to view, Thanapum’s photography is mesmerising in all aspects of street photography. Thanapum creates unique images that share the different narratives of those he captures through his lens.  He creates a world on your phone that you want to enter in real life.

Tanapong Wongtayan | @tanap_pond 

As a visual artist, Tanapong studies at Silpakorn University to focus on painting, sculpture and graphic arts. With a keen eye for design, he can curate images that speak volumes for Thailand's natural beauty.

Kittitornsit Norasing | @roamshot 

Kittitornsit creates a narrative and endless possibilities through his photography. His Instagram profile houses his observations for everyone to see and enjoy.

Chanwut Bc Kul | @bechanwut 

Chanwut communicates through his images with profound attention to detail and a funny twist to casual street photography. Check out his work and see the remarkable work he has created.

Supornchai Ratanamethanon | @ratanamethanon 

Supornchai creates an imaginary world of street photography with bold and vivid colours. With their standstill moments, his images are a work of art. He has a unique eye for detail and ability to visually transport those who see his pictures.

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