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Abstract Photography Exhibition 'Saving Face'
bryce watanasoponwong
Oct 24, 2021
Location: Bangkok
During the most recent pandemic lockdown in Bangkok, there's been a wave of new, overwhelming waves of emotion. People are feeling scared, angry, anxious, and exhausted at the prospect of staring down another calendar of COVID-19. There's also this feeling of pressure as people feel unable to express their emotions publicly. In Thai society, people tend to hide their feelings to 'save face'.

ILFORD Galerie Bangkok has collaborated with River City Bangkok (RCB) to present a new series, Saving Face, in an exhibition housed in the RCB Photographer's Gallery. This series will run from 30th October to 5th December 2021, with free admission.

I created this series in the hopes of allowing visitors to express their emotions and feelings about the current state of the world through their interactions with this body of work.

For more information or to learn more about this exhibition, visit River City Bangkok.

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